Our Automatic Cloud Data Stack Listed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the AWS Solution Space

Posted by alex on November 11, 2018 Data Stack, Chartio, Data Analytics

acds - diagram

We have always been excited about the promise and value that our Automatic Cloud Data Stack (ACDS) solution is bringing to the analytics market. When we announced this joint data offering with our partners Panoply and Stitch Data, we were responding to a clear customer ask: how can everyone in my organization get to their insights quickly and without having to rely on a data team.

The Automatic Cloud Data Stack is a turnkey solution leveraging three best-of-breed technologies: a self-optimizing cloud data warehouse by Panoply, a powerful ETL service to extract data from cloud apps you use every day by Stitch Data and Chartio’s modern, self-service business intelligence platform, all accessible via a single environment and a unified user experience. This experience enables business users to do their own analytics and frees time for data analysts to focus on more powerful data initiatives than just supporting business teams.

What used to take my product manager 15 days a month to manually update in a spreadsheet, is now done automatically in Chartio.

We are now even more excited as the combined product offering has been recognized by Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Data and Analytics solution and is part of the AWS Solution Space. These solutions are based on architectures validated by AWS, built via a combination of AWS services and partner technologies, can be deployed quickly and feature optional consulting offerings to accelerate customers’ cloud transformation.

Today the Automatic Cloud Data Stack is being used daily by companies in verticals such as publishing, retail, financial, tech and hospitality. One highlighted customer is Motorsport.com, which said: “What used to take my product manager 15 days a month to manually update in a spreadsheet, is now done automatically in Chartio.” We have given him more time to focus on his job as a data analyst and less time creating reports.

Modern organizations want better and easier access to their many cloud data sources like Salesforce, Hubspot, Adwords, etc. Working with all these APIs and putting the data into a warehouse is a tremendous amount of work. The Automatic Cloud Data Stack is a turnkey solution that teams up some of the best products in the industry to solve these challenges together.

Panoply CEO Yaniv Leven says: “We’ve built Panoply to be the best smart data warehouse for business intelligence. With our partner Chartio, we’ve created the Automatic Cloud Data Stack to be a turnkey data intelligence engine to power teams big and small.”

Chartio CEO Dave Fowler says: “With the Automatic Cloud Data Stack, we are solving a very real problem most organizations face when trying to access, combine and analyze all their data that usually reside in disparate places. The benefits our customers are seeing in terms of time savings and speed to insights are truly amazing. And this goes to the heart of Chartio’s mission to enable everyone in the organization to explore and understand their data.”