New Chartio Improvements: Speed and Stability

Posted by on September 6, 2011 -- Features, Chartio

Yesterday may have been a holiday, but we sure haven’t been resting here at Chartio. In fact, we spent a good chunk of the summer squashing bugs and streamlining our code to make Chartio faster and more stable than ever.

Some improvements you might notice right away, while others reside under the hood. Highlights include:

  • Design unification. We’ve made interface tweaks throughout the site to ensure a consistent look and feel.

  • Better error handling. We’ve greatly improved our inline error reporting, showing you details about snafus like SQL errors as they happen, so you can better address issues in real-time.

  • Speed, speed, speed. We’ve simplified the DOM tree in our javascript code, making your pages render significantly more quickly. Plus, now your charts load along with the rest of the page – no more waiting for visualizations to display after the fact. The result? Loading your dashboard is now about 3 times faster than before.

As always, we’re committed to making your Chartio experience quick, smooth, and reliable. We’ll continue to optimize our code and polish our UI in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, enjoy the new and improved Chartio!