New Data Pipeline Step Allows You to Create a Histogram

Posted: December 2, 2014


Chartio has added a bucketing step in the Data Pipeline, which divides the values from a column into a series of ranges, and then counts how many values fall within each range. You can use this step to create a histogram, which can be helpful in visualizing the distribution of data.

Create a Histogram in a Few Simple Steps

Drag and drop a column into the Measures field for your data set. Remove the aggregation to generate a list of all values.

Scroll down to the Data Pipeline and select the Bucket Data step. Select the column you would like to use from the dropdown, and then choose how you would like the buckets defined: either Standard Deviation, Bucket Size, or Number of Buckets.

Select the bar chart from the charting library, and give your chart some labels.

Be sure to check out the documentation for more information about the Bucket Data step and the Data Pipeline.