New Releases - Rotate Values, Single Value Indicator + More

Posted by on August 26, 2014 -- Features, Chartio

We’ll periodically keep you updated on some of our smaller, but still very cool features that have come out recently.

Rotate values on X-axis

We added a new chart setting that allows you to rotate the labels on the x-axis. The axis angling is to reduce overcrowding in charts with a high number of dimension values. You can choose from a rotation of -45 degrees, -30 degrees, 30 degrees, or 45 degrees.

bar graphs - rotate values on x axis

Recent activity page

We created a recent activity page for customers to get a more in-depth view of their activity. From this page, view a summary of your charting activity, and scroll through all your activity. You can view this page by selecting the Show More Activity link at the bottom of your organization’s activity feed.

recent activity page on chartio

Single Value Indicator Chart type

Our newest chart type is similar to the Single Value Chart except that it allows you to compare your single value against another value. An arrow next to the value is added, to visualize the comparison.


GROUP BY in the pipeline

As promised, we have already starting adding new pipeline steps. If you add a transformation step, you now have the option to group by a column. More steps to come!

group by on chartio

We hope you enjoy this brief summary of some new releases. Be sure to let us know what you are next hoping to see at or on Twitter @chartio.