How Rapid Data Visualization Leads to a Winning MVP

Jad Esber — Jad Esber, Co-Founder of Koodos

An early-stage startup, Koodos, comprised of students from Harvard Business School and MIT is building a curatorial layer on top of the internet and starting by developing a Gen Z-native experience to discover, share and curate content. They’ve been experimenting with music and emojis, and have been learning and pre-aggregating users by leveraging messaging apps as their main channels. In one of their early experiments, they amassed the largest database of user-generated emoji-song associations.

But like many early-stage startups, they had to get creative and hack their way to viable data analysis solutions–hacks that took a lot of precious time and effort. They initially downloaded product logs in CSV format and manually manipulated the data in Excel and/or Google Sheets. And they would sometimes run SQL scripts, but lacked one central repository for product analytics, so data was everywhere, making it hard to quickly discover useful insights and trends.

When they started building out their data infrastructure, they researched many data visualization solutions and landed on Chartio. Now it’s their go-to for key product and business metrics.


Chartio powers the real-time dashboards that allow the company to track product performance like never before.

For their experimentation efforts, they now have the ability to build views where they can study granular experiment-specific metrics and then take a more zoomed-out view of product performance. This has been incredibly helpful.

Chartio’s capabilities to build a series of complex dashboards has been game-changing for us. We’ve been able to track so much more than we were previously able to.

—Jad Esber, co-founder, Koodos.


Chartio’s advanced view drag-and-drop functionality when editing chart data allows the team to intuitively draw connections between tables and build complex functionality.

I’m a very visual person, and being able to ‘see’ what the code is doing has been super helpful.

—Jad Esber, co-founder, Koodos.

After only a few months with Chartio, the team is already in love with it and relies on it to rapidly innovate. The founders use the platform to collaborate at lightning speed. It’s bookmarked on their browsers because they are running experiments daily. Even when they’re not, they check Chartio a few times a week.


Since the company is in the crucial early stages, Chartio helps them keep things in perspective and maintain a clear learning-focused approach to product development.

The team is obsessed with data and Chartio has been invaluable at helping them gauge macro-level performance metrics for their builds and take a more granular look at feature experiment-level metrics–all of which helps them accurately assess whether a feature is even worth building into the MVP or not. This confidence ensures they take the right next steps without missing a beat.

Chartio helps us learn fast and iterate, and helps navigate us to a more robust build that we have confidence in.

—Jad Esber, co-founder, Koodos.

With Chartio, every team member can unlock a plethora of insights. They are squarely focused on building evidence toward their hypotheses, so having a tool that helps them visualize logs and evaluate learnings is vital. One of the funniest and unexpected insights they have found thanks to Chartio is that the 🥺emoji gets the most song suggestions out of all the emojis. See ‘sadboi hours’ for why.

Time-to-insight from complex, voluminous data is crucial. Chartio is their secret weapon.

In the uncertain user behavior-centered world of consumer internet, Chartio helps us tilt the probability in our favor.

—Jad Esber, co-founder, Koodos.

Koodos is building new ways to discover & share content and are really excited about user-curated content. They've started out by building out a fun experience around music discovery using emojis and have been leveraging messaging apps as their front-end.


Jad Esber



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