Working with Salesforce and the Database in Real-Time

Why did you start using Chartio?

We were using Salesforce. It took an incredible amount of effort to get our data in Salesforce, and it didn’t work for us. Every user had to be an “account” and reports were not clear. It never gave us what we wanted. Our development manager found Chartio over a year ago and we were sold on how it connects directly to our database. We were very motivated to get our data out of Salesforce and to make sense of what was going on with our services on Web, iOS and Android.

What were you using before Chartio?

We were focused on user requests, feedback and innovating. But we weren’t looking at the business data for a long time, so we didn’t have any major tools. Once we transitioned to our current product and service offerings, we decided we needed data and Chartio.

How does Chartio help you?

Chartio is the major visibility we have into what is going on with our user base and transactions, usage, etc. Below are some examples of how Chartio provided insight into our business.

  • We have a freemium, try before you buy, and can see when all trials started, conversions/renewals, and sort them by access type, duration and platform.
  • We can see system usage - how often users login, unique users, how many logs per week/month by user type, and workout type. We weren’t sure if to what degree users perform our pre-made workouts vs. ones they built themselves. The results were unbelievably surprising.
  • CoHorts! Anyone that watched the Evernote CEO video knows how important cohorts are. We have them now with Chartio.
  • Wow, who knew that people week after week, month after month, year after year ALL workout on Monday the most and Sunday the least with consistent decreasing Monday-Sunday, and then starting again. Interesting stuff.

What are your favorite Chartio features?

  • That is doesn’t take developer iterations to see data in charts, and that the charts update on demand
  • Chartio connects directly to our database
  • Important business decisions are made depending on the viewing of the Chartio data
  • I can change chart types without needing my programming team
  • I can change chart view data (months/by day, etc.) without needing my programming team
  • That working as hard as we do, it is satisfying when you see bar charts get bigger
  • That its easy to have the charts be multi-level, segmenting the types of transactions in the single bar, and then turn on/off as needed
  • The brand new drill down feature, click on a month bar and change it immediately to see it by day

How much of an impact does Chartio have on your business, your work, etc?

We’ve become very very dependent on Chartio. It is the basis of our financial reporting to record units because it’s a direct read into our database. It allows us to see how we’re performing. We can check our other systems and compare it with what Chartio says, and identify problems to see which is right. We can measure bumps, highs, lows.

Without Chartio, we’d be hindered on how our business is performing and have to rely on creating internal development tools. We wouldn’t know churn/attrition/conversion strength. We couldn’t recognize what times of the year are more popular for what type of product/subscription.

Chartio helps us follow a price change and see how quickly it gets adopted/accepted by users. Chartio helps highlight problems we have with cancelations and attrition, and allows us to compare it to other efforts.

How often do you check Chartio?

As much as I can, without it getting in the way of new product development!

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