Tracking the Most Important Metrics from Many Sources

David Kopf

Getting serious about data

As Remind grew, they realized they need to get serious about data analysis and incorporate data into company-wide decisions. They needed a cross-platform solution without an ETL layer or coding. Before using Chartio they tried out Mixpanel, Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, Geckoboard and RJ Metrics.

A cross-platform solution with no coding

Chartio had everything Remind needed and some of what they didn’t know they needed. Chartio is available on every platform and browser and getting set up with Chartio does not require coding or data-warehousing. Remind was able to hook up many different data sources to Chartio including PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, Google Analytics and CSVs. Some of Remind’s favorite features of Chartio are emailing PDF reports, combining query results from different layers, and transforming data from different databases.

For a data analyst, seeing a visual representation of your query results is the best way to get a quick sanity check.

—David Kopf, Co-Founder of Remind

Data analysis leads to savings across the board

Remind found huge success using Chartio in all areas of their business, even error reporting. They track conversions and signups by platform (iOS, Android, Web) using charts and monitoring those on their dashboard. There are instances where the mobile apps send the wrong values for a platform - when this occurs Remind sees a spike in the conversions. These charts have made the changes obvious and brought attention to the issue immediately.

Overall, Chartio has allowed Remind to perform more data analysis using less people - because Chartio does the hard work for them!

Remind is a free, safe, and easy way for teachers to connect instantly with students and parents. Remind uses Chartio to track their most important metrics and events by platform. They use Chartio to combine data from many different places, and to allow everyone to run their own analyses.


David Kopf



Company size

51-200 employees


San Francisco, CA



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