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How Segment, Amazon Redshift and Chartio Help Reuters TV Optimize Campaigns

Riaan Ahmed

Reuters TV, is the digital video division of Thomson Reuters, the world’s largest multimedia news provider. With content being created and consumed by viewers throughout the day, it amounts to a dozens of gigabytes per day. With the data collected via the mobile application platform, Reuters TV is able to gauge the effectiveness of content and the ability to track viewership metrics.

Given the importance that Reuters TV places on data, Reuters TV relies on a smart data infrastructure and Chartio to work in tandem, so the analyst team can tackle the hard to solve data problems.

Data Sources

As a mobile application which is specifically designed for on-the-go consumption, Reuters TV’s application database contains both user information and view number data. This data is collected via Segment, which then gets exported into Amazon S3 buckets and ingested in Amazon Redshift on an hourly basis and into Chartio for analysis.

Segment (Application Data) -> Amazon S3 -> Amazon Redshift -> Chartio

In addition to Reuters TV’s primary application database, Reuters TV has a secondary database which focuses on Marketing data. As a content-based application, the Marketing and Editorial teams at Reuters are on a mission to provide the highest value content to its viewers. With that, Reuters analyzes their marketing campaigns alongside their application data.

The data from Reuters’ marketing campaigns is manually inputted into a Google Spreadsheet which gets exported into an Amazon Redshift table via the AdStage Platform API. Once the marketing campaign data is ingested into Amazon Redshift, Chartio automatically joins tables and connects user data with marketing campaign data, allowing Reuters to create create specific ROI reports.

Google Sheets (Marketing Campaign Data) -> AdStage (API) -> Amazon Redshift -> Chartio


Through Chartio, Reuters is able to have a holistic view of their readers and are able to make critical decisions on content, marketing campaign spend and media sponsorships.

“Our analyst team was always playing catch up on reporting and dashboard requests. Since implementing Chartio we’re now able to proactively build out infrastructure to handle requests and work on harder data science questions like optimizing our content recommendations algorithms,” said Riaan Ahmed, Growth and Analytics.

Today, Chartio has allowed Reuters TV to become more thoughtful and smart about their data infrastructure, ultimately creating a data schema that is more user-friendly to a wide range of technical aptitudes.

Reuters TV is the revolutionary video news app from Thomson Reuters, the world's largest multimedia news provider.


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