Quickly Becoming Data-Driven

Jackson Wang

Access to the company metrics across the organization

Tilt was looking for a tool to visualize basic acquisition and retention metrics. Their goals were to make data more accessible, specifically the company-wide metrics. They were originally making reports in Excel, but found it to be a burden on the data scientist. Tilt needed a tool that allowed everyone to access the data and discover metrics.

They started using Chartio with about 30 people. Jackson discovered that Chartio was easy to use and Tilt now has 60-70 people using dashboards everyday. Chartio makes the metrics more accessible, and the company shift to using Chartio has reduced the bottleneck on becoming more data-driven.

Visualizing growth with one click

Chartio has given Tilt the ability to work a lot more quickly with the data. Tilt uses Chartio’s SQL Editor to paste in their SQL queries and create charts. This works well for them because they know the queries they want to run, and being able to copy and paste the SQL saves them valuable time.

Tilt discovered that dashboard variables gave them the ability to visualize growth from a large and unwieldy set of information. Tilt runs a college ambassador program and started to build up a base of college students that are social organizers on campuses. Mike needed a way to see the activity from these colleges, specifically the retention metrics. His team tagged the campaigns by campus and used dashboard variables to quickly grab a visual on the growth of a specific campus. Mike can type in a name of a campus and get a quick visual of growth overall and a week over week view on the dashboard.

Finding this data quickly and easily also led to some other interesting data discoveries. Tilt found that they could rank schools by the number of events hosted, to create a “Tilt social index”. They ranked the top party schools and discovered that University of Texas at Austin has hosted the most parties registered on Tilt, 92 events during the first two weeks of the school year.

Tilt Party School chart

Making goals more manageable

At Tilt, Chartio impacts 100% of the company.The entire company reviews a Chartio dashboard in weekly team meetings to manage their goals. The growth team uses Chartio on a day-to-day basis by evaluating initiatives and discovering what is working and what is not.

Tilt believes strongly in making goals, and Chartio has made these goals more manageable. With Chartio the access to data is easier, and anyone can view or create metrics. Dashboard variables provide a way to zoom in on a particular set of information, and reports can be created as needed. Chartio provides the self-service BI that Tilt needs to keep growing.

Tilt is the easiest way to collect, fundraise, or pool money securely and effectively online. Tilt makes it easy for groups and communities to come together and make amazing things happen.


Jackson Wang



Company size

51-200 employees


San Francisco, CA



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