Enabling Every Member of the Team to View and Enact upon Data

Jordan Metzner

What were you using before Chartio?

We were using mixpanel only, plus some basic SQL queries.

What data sources do you have connected to Chartio?

We have our PostgreSQL database connected.

How does Chartio help you?

Chartio helps us visualize our revenue, users, efficiency, utilization and accounting numbers in an accessible way so that every member of our team is able to view and enact upon our data.

What are your favorite Chartio features?

Our favorite Chartio features include the ability to simply visualize, arrange and duplicate charts quickly and efficiently. We also like that it’s easy to edit and share.

I also love that I can just download the CSV file right from the chart.

Can you talk through an example where Chartio helped you solve a specific business problem?

We are trying to understand the lifetime value of customers coming from different marketing channels. By understanding the coupon behavior of our customers we are able to predict how valuable they will be over the course of their life as a user.

How much impact does Chartio have on your business, your work, etc.?

On a scale of 1-10, Chartio is a 9.5 in regards to how it impacts our ability to track our growth efforts and understand our user base.

How often do you check Chartio?

Different members of the team use it multiple times per day, daily.

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Jordan Metzner


Consumer Services

Company size

51-200 employees


Los Angeles, CA



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