Connecting your charts

First, we want to connect Monthly Activity to our two Dashboard Variables. This will allow our chart to update the Dashboard Variables whenever we click somewhere inside the Monthly Activity chart.

We’ll click the menu icon on our Monthly Activity chart and select Edit Settings from the dropdown menu.

Edit Settings

We’ll then switch to the Drilldown tab in the Chart Settings modal. This tab allows you to map Dashboard Variables to Drilldown Variables (your chart metrics).

Click the Drilldown tab in Chart Settings

We want to link two Dashboard Variables to our chart: ACTIVITY (the Categorical Dropdown) and CALENDAR INTERVAL.

On our chart, Activity is the series (pivoted column) - so we’ll choose series from the dropdown next to ACTIVITY. Our dates are on the x-axis, so we’ll choose x-value from the dropdown for CALENDAR_INTERVAL.

Note: if your chart has x and y-axis labels, you’ll see the those label names listed instead of ‘x-value’ and ‘y-value’.

To link your Drilldown chart to another Dashboard, simply choose the dashboard from the Linked Dashboard dropdown in the Drilldown settings tab of your chart settings. You’ll need to first add the necessary Dashboard Variables to the Linked Dashboard, so your chart can update them.

X-values, y-values, and series

Generally, x-values map to the x-axis, y-values to the y-axis, and series to the columns.

If you aren’t sure you’re selecting the correct chart metric to map to your Dashboard Variable, check the sample values listed below the Drilldown Variables dropdown to confirm.

If your chart has x and y-axis labels, those labels will be listed in the Drilldown Variables dropdown instead.