Visual SQL - Data Pipeline


You can perform a number of transformations on your query results in a series of steps. These steps include a variety of operations such as column sorting, pivoting data, and adding calculated columns. The flexibility of adding any steps in any order allows you to get your data exactly how you want it.

Data Pipeline example with Pipeline steps

Adding a Step

Steps can be added to the pipeline under any dataset to edit the results of that specific dataset’s query.

After running your query, click one of the available Visual SQL steps to add a new transformation step to your query results:

  • Table actions (i.e., Steps that affect the whole table) are shown above the Result Table
  • Column actions (i.e., Steps that affect a single column) are found in each column’s Column Actions menu - the dropdown to the right of the column name in the Result Table.

You can apply as many steps as you’d like, in any order. You can also use each step multiple times. The available steps and examples are outlined on the Data Pipeline Steps page.

Some steps allow flexibility to select the type of formulas used to transform your data as well as add custom transformations using SQLite syntax. The various formula options are outlined in the Available formulas section under our Calculated Column documentation.

Note: Data Pipeline Steps are applied in order from first to last, so in some cases, it is possible for a later step to override an earlier one.

Add Pipeline steps from above the Results Table or from a column's Column Actions menu

Preview Data in the Pipeline

To view your data at any point in the Pipeline, click a Pipeline step to preview the data in the Result Table. It can be incredibly useful to compare how your data looks before and after a transformation step is applied.

Preview the result data of a Pipeline step in the Results Table

Reorder a Step

For now, if you need to reorder a step, you’ll need to remove all steps up to where you would like to reorder the step then replace the deleted steps.

Hang tight! Drag-and-drop functionality for reordering steps is coming soon.

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