Time zone support in Chartio


This flowchart is helpful for graphically thinking about your time zones in Chartio.

Note: “DB” stands for database. The green arrows (marked by small “Y”) mean your answer is “yes” and the red arrows (marked with a small “N”) mean “no.” Click here for the link referenced above.

When using UTC offset, Chartio will simply add or subtract a value of X from the timestamp that the database passes to it, and Chartio will assume the database is passing us a timestamp in UTC. The value of X is dictated by the dashboard.

For example, the timestamp we’re looking at is stored as 12 PM UTC. If the dashboard setting is “America/New York,” then the value of X will be -5 (Daylight saving time will be accounted for). To generate the timestamp in the correct time zone you selected, Chartio will do the following:

Timestamp in dashboard = timestamp from database + dashboard UTC offset value

Database timestamp = 12:00 PM UTC

Dashboard UTC offset value = -5

Dashboard timestamp = 7:00 AM

Actual time in New York = 7:00 AM

If the database timezone is set to Eastern Time (not UTC), Chartio will do the same process but the resulting timestamp will be incorrect:

Database timestamp = 7:00 AM EST

Dashboard UTC offset value = -5

Dashboard timestamp = 2:00 AM
Actual time in New York = 7:00 AM

See this list about data source time zone support to determine what setting is recommended for your data source.

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