Does Chartio have an API?


Yes, our Admin API allows you to perform maintenance tasks on your organization.

See our Admin API documentation for a complete list of options.

The Admin API is a premium feature. Please contact or your Data Advisor for more information.

Admin API information

  • There is one service account per organization. Its password can be reset if needed. Your service account cannot log into Chartio, and end-user credentials will not work with the API.
  • Actions performed by the service account (credentials updated, user and team changes) are recorded in the Activity Log.
  • Users are limited to 10,000 per org, and teams are limited to 2,000 per org.
  • The API will limit the number of requests to 5,000 per 5 minute window per IP.
  • The user endpoints will accept either an email or a user id as an identifier. (Email addresses are more convenient, but potentially less reliable because existing users can edit their email address.)
  • When adding a user, an initial team must also be supplied in the request, similar to the application behavior.
  • Once created, a user’s email address and name cannot be changed from the API, but users can log in and change their own email and password.

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