Added from dashboard team


If you invite a new user to Chartio by granting them access to view or edit one of your dashboards in Chartio, the Owners of your Chartio account (Owners Team) will receive an email prompting approval of the new user to take up a license in Chartio and the new user will added to the team in Chartio called “Added from Dashboard”. 

The team, “Added from dashboard” is intended as a temporary home for your new Chartio users. This team itself cannot be granted access to any dashboards or data sources. 

Best practice is for your account owner to properly reassign this new user to the appropriate Chartio team reflecting their license type required (editor or viewer) and access permissions. Once added to at least one Chartio team, the user should be deleted from the Added-from-Dashboard team.

More details on user and team permissions can be found in our support documents. Team Management

Also, you can check out this post about team management best practices for more details and suggestions for keeping the users in your Chartio account organized.

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