Changing date grouping using filters


Chartio’s Date Bucket dashboard filter allows you to change the date grouping for one or more charts from the dashboard view.

First, we’ll want to add a Date Bucket filter to our dashboard. From the sidebar menu, choose Add Control > Date Bucket.

Changing Date Grouping on the Fly Using Date Bucketing

Set the Name and/or Default if desired, and click Ok.

Using Date Bucketing Filter 1

If you have an existing chart you want to connect to your Date Bucket filter, open it. Otherwise, create a new chart on your dashboard. We’re going to create a new chart.

Using Date Bucketing Filter 2

We’re going to chart Payments by date. We drag Amount into the Measures field and select Total sum as the aggregation. Then, we’ll drag Payment Date into the Dimensions field. We’ll click the column to open its settings, and choose “DATE_BUCKET of Payment Date” from the Time Bucket dropdown.

Using Date Bucketing Filter 3

We’ll click Run Query, select a bar chart as the chart type, and click Save Chart.

From our dashboard, we can now select any Date Bucket from the dropdown and our chart dates will be grouped accordingly.

Using Date Bucketing Filter 4

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