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Keep Tableau for your data scientists who need complex visualizations and use Chartio for everyone else. Chartio’s intuitive cloud data exploration solution is a Tableau alternative. Put the power back into the hands of your product, marketing, sales, operations and executives so they can answer their own questions.

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90% of our company is actively using Chartio and power users have created an internal group called the Number Munchers.
—Colin Durant, Product Manager & Analytics, Clever

How is Chartio Different?

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Intuitive Usability

Our visual interface for easy data exploration regardless of technical level is the reason Chartio has 20 times the industry standard adoption rate.

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Fastest to Set Up, Easiest to Keep Running

Chartio is ranked #1 in both ease-of-use and speed-of-implementation by G2 Crowd users, highlighting Chartio’s easy integration of disparate data sources, visual data exploration, powerful data pipeline and easy collaboration. Once set up, Chartio is built to scale with you as your needs change.

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Built For the Whole Organization

Unlike other BI tools, Chartio is built for everyone in the organization, not just the data team. Chartio’s easy-to-use, drag-and-drop Visual SQL interface allows anyone to answer questions with their data.

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Combine Disparate Data in a Single View

Why put up with two disjointed workarounds to combine your disparate data? Chartio allows for easy manipulation of your underlying data so you can create ad hoc queries and combine siloed data on the fly.

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Connect To All Your Data in One Place

With Chartio’s Automatic Cloud Data Stack partners you can connect, combine and visualize data from all the cloud applications you use every day, all accessible in a single platform.