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Blend your Google Analytics and Marketo data for digital marketing attribution accuracy at scale. Get full visibility into your marketing attribution by bringing together all your business data.

With Chartio you can combine Google Analytics and Marketo, alongside your other business data to create customized reports and dashboards to track all of your business data in one place. Get instant insights into your online marketing activities and uncover web channels with the best ROI so you can optimize for predictive growth online.

Stop exporting data from multiple closed systems to cobble together unified reports and start creating customized dashboards and reports for immediate insight into your marketing analytics without relying on an engineer or analyst.

Setting up Google Analytics and Marketo with Chartio takes a few simple clicks.

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What You Can Do with Chartio

  • User engagement analysis

  • CAC payback by online channel

  • Customer retention by cohort

  • Marketing funnel performance with drilldowns

  • Marketing attribution by source or channel

  • Beautiful SaaS growth dashboards

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Powerful Analytics

Blend data from different systems and perform powerful calculations like cohort analysis, forecasting and channel attribution.

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Don't use what everyone else is using. Build custom reports and dashboards that matter to you.

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Built for Everyone

Intuitively query, analyze and track your key metrics in real-time to quickly identify trends, patterns and outliers.

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Effortlessly share analysis and dashboards with the rest of your team for faster insights.

Being able to use Google Analytics data in Chartio has given us a new lease on an old data source. Not only can we expose insights from Google Analytics in totally new ways with Chartio, the power to relate Google Analytics data to other data sources, like Redshift, means we can bring the full customer story into view.
—Jack Mardack, Head of Growth, Nexmo