Explore and Visualize Your Salesforce and Zendesk Data Together with Chartio Analytics

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What questions are your prospects asking at different stages of the sales cycle?

Start asking new questions about your customers. Combine your Salesforce and Zendesk data to get a comprehensive view of each customer. Being able to effortlessly blend your most important sales and customer service data gives you instant insight into your teams’ performance so you can drive engagement, increase revenue and hit your goals faster.

Stop exporting data from multiple closed systems to cobble together unified reports and start creating customized dashboards and reports for immediate insight into your customer interactions without relying on an engineer or analyst.

Setting up Salesforce and Zendesk with Chartio takes a few simple clicks.

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What You Can Do with Chartio

  • Churn analysis

  • Customer lifetime value

  • Identify upsell opportunities

  • Beautiful customer analysis dashboards

  • Ticket and resolution trends

  • Customer health analysis with drilldowns

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Powerful Analytics

Blend data from different systems and perform powerful calculations like cohort analysis, forecasting and channel attribution.

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Don't use what everyone else is using. Build custom reports and dashboards that matter to you.

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Built for Everyone

Intuitively query, analyze and track your key metrics in real-time to quickly identify trends, patterns and outliers.

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Effortlessly share analysis and dashboards with the rest of your team for faster insights.

To easily visualize our customer interactions with Chartio was mind blowing. Since using Chartio we are much more able to steer our customers toward success with the product.
—Jonathan Cran, VP of Product, Bugcrowd