Explore and Visualize Your Zuora Data in Chartio

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Maximize Revenue and Decrease Churn

Spend more time improving your bottom line than reporting on it. Connect Zuora’s cloud-based subscription management hub to Chartio’s self-service modern business analytics solution for a complete view into your business. With Chartio, you can easily combine all of your subscription data from Zuora with your other cloud-based applications like Mixpanel, Stripe and Salesforce to make meaningful business decisions quickly.

Visualize my Zuora Data

Go Beyond Zuora’s Out-of-the-Box Reporting Functionality

Connecting Zuora to Chartio
1. Connect Zuora to Chartio

Connect using our Automatic Cloud Data Stack and start visualizing and analyzing your Zuora data in minutes.

Creating a visualization in Chartio
2. Build Live Charts and Dashboards

Create interactive dashboards and real-time reports unavailable in Zuora using Chartio’s visual, drag-and-drop interface where no SQL knowledge is required.

Sharing a dashboard with your team
3. Share and Uncover New Insights

Easily share insights, interactive dashboards, custom branded reports and charts across your organization powered by your Zuora and business analytics.

Create Multi-Dimensional Real-Time Reports

Use Chartio’s drag-and-drop interface to ask and answer your most complex business questions in a few clicks – no SQL knowledge needed.

See the Capabilities of Our Data Explorer
Chartios advanced pipeline creating a report for analysis
An example Chartio report or dashboard coming together

Go Beyond Zuora's Standard Reports

With 15+ chart types and the ability to customize colors and branding, you can visualize Zuora data like never before.

See More Dashboard Power

Analyze Analytics from All Your Tools in One Place

Better visualize and understand your customers by combining data from Shopify, Zuora, Salesforce and the rest of your business applications to understand bigger picture trends.

Learn More
Chartio home page to keep all analytics and reports in one place

Chartio gives us the ability to quickly get the right information in unique situations, sometimes while we're still on the phone with clients.

—Charlie Dolan, CEO, Sequoia Waste Solutions

Why Zuora Users Love Chartio

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Don't use what everyone else is using. Build custom charts, dashboards and reports that matter to you.

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Powerful Analytics

Combine data from different systems and perform advanced analytics that lead to deeper insights.

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Built for Everyone

Intuitively query, analyze and track your key business metrics in real-time to quickly identify trends, patterns and outliers.

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Get everyone on the same page. Quickly and easily share your analysis, interactive dashboards and reports with the rest of your team.

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