Things change. We’ve got your backup.

Thanks to automatic archiving features, travel through time and explore nearly anything your team has created in Chartio.

Dashboard Snapshot

Dashboard snapshots

Browse through archived versions of your dashboards, and see exactly how they looked on a specific date in history.

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Chart snapshots

Historical data can also be accessed for all single value charts, letting you see how each value has changed since its creation.

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Chart Snapshot

SQL version history

When you’re editing a query in SQL mode, you can access your query history to review previous versions. That way, you can confidently experiment with changes and revert to earlier queries as needed.

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Archive and restore

To keep your dashboard library free of clutter and potential confusion, you can manually archive dashboards that are no longer useful—or have them auto-archived if they haven’t been viewed in a chosen time period—and easily restore them at any time with just a click.


Automated exports

For an extra level of confidence, create your own backup system by downloading Chartio dashboards, both current and historic, at any time in PDF or CSV format.

You can even schedule exports to be automatically emailed to you on daily, weekly or monthly intervals in any format.

Additional history features

Sound Wave

Built-in activity logs

Dashboard owners and organization Admins have views into all activities, so they can see who added, edited, or deleted anything, and when they did so.

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Query logs as a data source

We record every query ever run against your data sources, and offer that query log back to you as a data source within Chartio, so you have the full power to review and restore all of your team’s Chartio queries.

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Double check

Double-checks at key points

We require extra validation when you attempt to change connection information or remove a data source, reducing the potential for mistakes.


Extra support

If you have questions, our Success team is here to help.

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Abhinav Chakravarty of PureStorage
I use Chartio's snapshot feature on our important dashboards. It gives me an easy way to compare data across past dates, and enables me to pinpoint the exact date where a regression got introduced in the dashboard.
Abhinav Chakravarty, Engineering Manager at PureStorage

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