Have a little help from our friends

We’ve teamed up with trusted partners to assist our Premium plan members, helping them define, standardize, and clean up their data for long-term success.

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Our integration partners will work with you to:

  • Understand your data needs and goals
  • Create a single source of truth for your data
  • Ensure your data is clean and reliable
  • Organize and define your data
  • Model your data in an efficient, intuitive way
Adam Roderick of Datateer
Everything we do is about making our customers successful in their goals with data.
Adam Roderick, Founder at Datateer

Meet our data service partners


Your data can be one of your most valuable assets. Whether you want to deliver insights to your customers and partners, or need to be more efficient in your operations, Datateer’s Managed Data Platform can help. Datateer partners with you in your journey from ground zero to data hero, with a customizable data platform and high-touch service.

Data Mill

Data Mill empowers organizations using modern data infrastructure and analytics. They specialize in assistance with building out data infrastructure, data warehouse modeling, data analytics, data science, and data visualization.

Komodo Tech

Komodo is a boutique data science consultancy that uses machine learning and advanced analytics to help you create new value from your existing data. They help companies improve their data management and data literacy, develop data-driven decision-making capabilities, and breathe new life into data initiatives that were stalled or stuck in the “idea” phase.

The benefits of Premium

For a true end-to-end solution, combine the assistance of our data partners with the many benefits of a Chartio Premium plan:

  • Unlimited licenses
  • Dedicated Data Advisors
  • Advanced query logging
  • Single sign-on authentication
  • API access
  • Prioritized email support
  • Higher query limits
  • Beta feature access
  • Advanced trainings
Zachary Smith of Packet
We worked hand-in-hand with Chartio’s partners to get our data defined and organized, accelerating our ability to create visualizations faster.
Zachary Smith, CEO at Packet

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