April 2015


  • Add modal for saving a chart to another Dashboard
  • Ensure outdated error notifications are removed
  • Case-insensitive NOT LIKE filter (for supported data sources)
  • Add totals to stacked bar charts
  • Resolve rendering issue for sorted Bubble Charts
  • Added unstacked Area Charts
  • Use chart title for download filename


  • Ability to set link color in Dashboard Theme
  • Add preset text styles to Dashboard Theme
  • Improve workflow for adding Text Elements
  • Fix date sorting bug in table modal for Firefox and Safari
  • Bulk chart editing
  • Dashboard Drilldowns

Dashboard variables

  • Allow Date Slider to use closest available date

Data Pipeline

  • Add ‘is one of’ and ‘matches regex’ to Filter step

Data sources

  • Set Stored Table alias separately from Table SQL name
  • Include Dashboard/Chart ID in Query Log for running queries
  • Resolve CSV uploading issue in some Chrome browsers
  • Convert replacement CSV columns from decimals to integers as needed
  • Allow CSV uploader to accept querylog exports


  • Explore query builder
  • Use local timezone for Activity
  • Optimize load time of organization home page, Data Explorer, and Dashboards