August 2018


  • Resolve bug when cloning layers in Advanced Mode
  • Support text wrapping in table charts
  • Support value labels for line charts


  • Resolve issue with default value display in dropdown filter

Data sources

  • Support multiple schemas for Redshift
  • Upgrade PostgreSQL and MySQL connectors
  • Add Delete Schema functionality for multiple-schema data sources
  • Add Treasure Data as a data source
  • Google Sheets improvements: add Preview Table feature, fix issue causing NULL dates, add support for custom tables
  • Improve number precision for Data Stores: use double precision instead of real data type
  • Auto Foreign Key Suggestions
  • Use BigQuery API for Preview Table data
  • Google Sheets improvements: remove Sheet name from Table name, fix formatting issue causing import error
  • Support multiple datasets for BigQuery
  • Add ability to set query cost limit for BigQuery


  • Add ability to remove a user from the Users tab
  • Resolve OneLogin issue when user is re-added
  • Fix issue causing inaccurate count of total dashboards and charts
  • Alerts