September 2018


  • Improve filter display text
  • Resolve display issue with Preview Table icon in Firefox
  • Chart Editor: support double-click to add dimension/measure to dataset in Interactive Mode


  • Resolve error adding user to dashboard due to email format
  • Add view count column to Dashboard list on Dashboard Home Page

Data Pipeline

  • Auto-expand input/output

Data Sources

  • Show BigQuery service account information
  • Resolve authorization issue in Google Sheets
  • Add Description field to custom column creation form
  • Allow setting foreign keys on custom columns
  • Improve schema refresh behavior for new data sources


  • Start tracking foreign key edits in Activity Log
  • Add Manage Users link to Teams page for quick access
  • Resolve some payment and billing email issues
  • Resolve rendering issue with embedded dashboards on IE11
  • Activity log: support downloading data, add search filter
  • Enable hourly Alerts
  • Add Primary Admin setting for dashboards and data sources