2020 Feature Releases

September 2020

Visual SQL

  • Improved SQL Mode error highlighting
  • Simplified Query and SQL Mode icons
  • Implemented a new setup guide
  • Modified settings ⚙️ and edit ✏️ icons

    Chart settings is now a Gear icon and Edit is now a Pencil icon

August 2020

Visual SQL

  • 🎉SQL History 🎉

  • Improved “Row limit reached” warning

    Row limit reached warning

  • Enhanced Table Actions bar

    Improved Table Actions bar

  • Improved Auto-select Chart Type button
  • Added SQL editor themes in SQL Mode


  • Improved Teams page performance


  • Added ability to download chart 📈data to Google Sheets

    Download your chart data as a CSV, Google Sheet, PDF, PNG, or SVG

Data Sources

  • Implemented a new schema selector when connecting a new data source

July 2020

Visual SQL

  • Improved error 🚫 message styling
  • Added ability to collapse/show chart pane in SQL Mode
  • Added ability to rename Queries ✏️

  • Added ability to change the chart title from the chart preview pane
  • Added ability to see column data types in the Result Table

  • Improved Rename Column Action
  • Improved grouped/aggregated column naming
  • Squashed a lot of bugs

SQL Mode

  • Changed the colors in the SQL editor 🌈

June 2020


  • Added permissions management via our Admin API
  • SQL Mode autocomplete sans keyboard shortcut

Visual SQL

  • Introduced a Query taskbar containing the Run Query button, Collapse button, executed SQL query, and SQL query completion time
    • SQL Mode Query taskbar contains a
      • Schema browser tab
      • Dashboard Controls tab
      • Maximize/Normal view button

    Executed query and completion time in Query taskbar

  • Added new keyboard shortcut: Command + Shift + F to format SQL query in SQL Mode
  • Added an Edit Variable Values modal to SQL Mode
  • Added autocomplete functionality in SQL Mode
  • Other UI/UX improvements

Data Sources

  • Improved several data source connection pages

May 2020


  • Redesigned the top navigation bar

    New top navigation menu

  • Improved UI for inviting new team members

Visual SQL

Data Sources


  • Updated styling for Themes management page

April 2020

Visual SQL


March 2020

🎉Visual SQL 🎉

  • Enabled Try Visual SQL button for all organizations!

    Toggle to Visual SQL by clicking the Try Visual SQL button in Data Explorer

  • Added Guided Formulas to the Calculated Column Table Action
  • Added drag-and-drop functionality to reorder columns when using the Reorder Columns Table Action

    Use the Reorder Columns Table Action to reorder multiple columns with the drag-and-drop feature

  • Added support for Date Bucket Dashboard Controls
  • Added support for Alerts 🔔
  • Enabled “Auto” chart type by default, which automatically selects an appropriate chart type based on the query results
  • Added help info in the chart panel when selecting a chart type that requires different table results in order to display properly
  • Improved display on varying screen sizes, ensuring the Result Table is always a percentage of screen height
  • Improved user experience and squashed several bugs 🐜 in the schema browser and SQL Mode
  • Canceling a query takes effect immediately in the interface
  • Added keyboard shortcuts ⌨️:
    • Cmd+Enter and Ctrl+Enter to run the query
    • Enter to submit Action forms (except for Add Query and Filter)
    • Cmd+Click and Ctrl+Click to select multiple columns from the schema browser, which doesn’t close between each selection Use keyboard shortcuts to select multiple columns in the schema browser


  • Improved performance of displaying charts with large data values
  • Fixed display issue with donut Pie charts at certain values

Data sources

  • Added video and documentation help to New Data Source page, making it easier to get help connecting new sources

February 2020


  • Increased data limit from 10,000 rows to 20,000 rows of data for Bubble Map Charts!

January 2020


  • Log scheduled report creations/updates/deletions in the Dashboard Activity

Data sources


  • ⭐️Embedding Update: For the payload, you may now also use the dashboard slug string instead of the dashboard ID.
  • Log removal of a user from an organization in the Activity Log