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Every company should be able to unlock the full potential of their data. By empowering everyone to explore and discover their own insights, Chartio democratizes data across entire organizations and within every department. We believe more access means more aha moments.

We’ve built an incredible amount of sophistication and power into our simple interface with a singular purpose: to transform everyone into a data hero.

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Our Values

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Respect the

We have a difficult and important mission; it won’t be easy, but it is possible.

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Be one
(weird) team

We are all in the same boat and we sink or sail together. Let’s make it a productive, aligned, exciting ride.

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Own your part and enable others

Everyone has a job and others are relying on you to do it well. Be sure you do it well!

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Foster productive conversations

Be brave to share your experiences and be an open, receptive listener to enable others to share theirs.

Meet Our Team

  • Dave Fowler

    Dave Fowler

    CEO & Founder, BBQ Socialite

  • Jeff Conkey

    Jeff Conkey

    Senior Director of Customer Success, League of Legends Practitioner

  • Brian Hartsock

    Brian Hartsock

    VP of Engineering, Struggling Snowboarder

  • Kevin Minnick

    Kevin Minnick

    VP of Product, Speed Chess Player

  • Kristy Querna

    Kristy Querna

    Head of People, Dinner Party Proponent

  • Eleanor Preston

    Eleanor Preston

    Head of Sales, Krazy for Karaoke

  • Regina Serapio

    Regina Serapio

    Director of Finance, Traveling Beach Bum

  • Derek Gould

    Derek Gould

    Software Engineer, Fish in the Forest

  • Matt McCormick

    Matt McCormick

    Software Engineer, Hockey Player

  • Mary Sapountzis

    Mary Sapountzis

    SMB Manager, Herb Farmer

  • Jack Kingsman

    Jack Kingsman

    Site Reliability Engineer, The Most Hobbyist

  • Jon Armstrong

    Jon Armstrong

    Software Engineer, Code Archaeologist

  • Tracy Chow

    Tracy Chow

    Data Advisor, Craft Beer Advocate

  • Tommy Walton

    Tommy Walton

    Software Engineer, Talented Woodworker

  • Dave King

    Dave King

    Software Engineer, Backpacker

  • Jaime Flores-Lovo

    Jaime Flores-Lovo

    Data Advisor, Public Policy Enthusiast

  • Emilie Crangle

    Emilie Crangle

    Data Advisor, Dancing Queen

  • Carlo Tibung

    Carlo Tibung

    Software Engineer, Anime Collecting Foodie

  • Natasha Selvey

    Natasha Selvey

    Revenue Operations Manager, Camping Addict

  • Victoria Cardwell

    Victoria Cardwell

    Staff Accountant, Yogi Thrillist

  • Matt David

    Matt David

    Head of Data School, Nature + Beer

  • Liz Lantz

    Liz Lantz

    Software Engineer, Rookie Standup Comedian

  • Arthi Vikram

    Arthi Vikram

    QA Engineer, Traveling Gourmand

  • Ryan Johnson

    Ryan Johnson

    Customer Success Analyst, Fur Flinging Fly Fisherman

  • Jaron Farnham

    Jaron Farnham

    Strategic Account Executive, Backyard Beekeeper

  • Amy Collins

    Amy Collins

    Customer Success Analyst, BTS Fanatic

  • Kyle Graehl

    Kyle Graehl

    Software Engineer, Walker for Pleasure

  • Steven McKim

    Steven McKim

    Software Engineer, Wandering Concert Goer

  • Mark Merrill

    Mark Merrill

    Software Engineer, Snowboarding Gourmand

  • Casey Haber

    Casey Haber

    Visualization Engineer, Philosopher of Billiards

  • Lauren Puckett

    Lauren Puckett

    Senior Product Designer, Wannabe Musician

  • Doug Sykes

    Doug Sykes

    Senior Data Advisor, Soccer Player & Fanatic

  • Will Dunn

    Will Dunn

    Site Reliability Engineer, Antique Car Peruser

  • Sudeep Jana

    Sudeep Jana

    Senior Software Engineer in Test, Photography Enthusiast

  • Vanessa Kim

    Vanessa Kim

    Demand Generation Specialist, Music & Beach Lover

  • AJ Coppa

    AJ Coppa

    Director of Engineering, Beginner Jazz Musician

  • Emily King

    Emily King

    Office Manager, Explorer of New Cultures

  • Cat Africa

    Cat Africa

    Technical Writing Specialist, Michelin Star Chaser