Chartio Now Supports Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery

Posted by dave on July 24, 2013 Features, Chartio

Today we are incredibly excited to announce Chartio support for both Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery. Behind the scenes we’ve been playing with these datasources along with a beta group of customers as they deal with big data issues. We’ve really enjoyed working with these petabyte scale solutions and love seeing the increased speed and ease in which our customers are working with their data.

We encourage you to try it out, so much so, that for today only (July 24th, 2013) new customers can [sign up] (/trial/) and receive a free three-month trial to test out Chartio’s Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery capabilities.

Redshift and BiqQuery are becoming major game changers in the Business Intelligence market. Traditionally BI solutions have combined both the warehousing and the visualization component of data analysis. It is now, however, quite impossible for the warehousing components of the BI vendors to compete with the scale, speed, affordability and popularity of Redshift or BigQuery. The trend will give customers more freedom to move between analysis and visualization tools. Purchasing decisions will also start to be made based on a product’s usability and features, rather than the size of the data that it can handle.

The screenshot below shows data in BigQuery being plotted in Chartio. We are plotting the top Ruby projects on Github from the Github archive.

top10 ruby projects Chartio dashboard

Chartio plugs into the world’s most popular data sources, giving customers more accessibility to company data to make better business decisions based on easy-to-read charts and dashboards. [sign up] (/trial/) today and get a three-month free trial to test out our Redshift and BigQuery capabilites!