Kevin Novak on Data Science at Uber

Posted: July 9, 2014 by Dave Fowler


A few weeks ago, along with Zipfian Academy and Rackspace’s Geekdom, we hosted a Data Science Chat with Kevin Novak of Uber.

We had previously done an interview with Kevin for our Off the Charts series, and it was great to catch up and do an interview in front of a live audience.

During the chat we covered topics like:

  • How Kevin got into data science

  • How data science has evolved at Uber

  • What tools they’re using

  • Interesting projects Uber has done

  • Hints at what’s next for Uber

  • What Uber looks for when hiring Data Scientists

Have a look at the video above, or if you like a written version some of it is covered in our Off the Charts interview.

A huge thanks to Kevin for sharing his knowledge and answering all of our questions. For more talks like this one take a look at the SF Data Science Meetup, or follow us on Twitter.