Earth Day 2017: Offsetting Our CO2 Emissions with Segment

Posted by alex on April 21, 2017 Chartio

Love your planet-Image Courtesy of Segment

Image Courtesy of Segment.

This Saturday, April 22nd, marks the 47th annual Earth Day, a celebration to demonstrate support for the environmental protection of our planet. Today, active participation in the Earth Day and the environment is more important than ever. At Chartio, we’re thrilled to join Segment in an Earth Day 2017 Donation to the Carbon Fund, a non-profit fighting against global warming.

In an effort to offset CO2 emissions, Segment asked their partners to calculate their annual CO2 emissions and collectively donate to the Carbon Fund. This donation would fully offset the cost of each company’s carbon footprint. In all, the collective donation between Segment and 11 participating partners amounted to $20,540.84.

This donation to the Carbon Fund will go a long way beyond Earth Day 2017 and support the organization’s future initiatives. Calculating your CO2 emissions is easy. We encourage you to join us this Earth Day to calculate yours. To do so for your company, use this calculator tool on Carbon Fund’s website. Additionally, if you’d like to calculate your carbon footprint at the individual level, you can use this calculator tool.

There are many ways to get involved beyond donating to the Carbon Fund or offsetting your CO2 emissions. This Saturday, on Earth Day, is the March for Science, a celebration for science and the vital role it plays in our communities and world. Here at Chartio, we work with data and we believe in the scientific method to explore observations and make informed decisions based on facts. The march is a global event with local marches reaching across the globe aimed to defend science. To register and find your local march, visit the March for Science website. Hope to see you in the local San Francisco March for Science.