Introducing Chartio Data Advisors

Posted by jeff on October 10, 2018 Chartio


Our mission at Chartio is to enable anyone in a company to explore and understand their data.  To continually further that we are always looking for innovative and impactful ways to help our customers use Chartio to its full potential, but also to collaborate and educate about best practices in organizing, analyzing and understanding their data. With that in mind and based on a lot of customer feedback, we just made a big shift in how we handle Customer Success at Chartio.

Today we are introducing a new role called Data Advisor. Going forward our Premium customers will each be assigned their own Data Advisor to advise and assist not only with account or support questions, but also with any data related questions their organization may have. The objective of our Data Advisors is to enable the data success of each one of our customers. That simple.

Chartio’s Data Advisors help customers with technical issues as well as provide guidance on how to implement best practices. We expect that this clear focus will significantly increase the value customers receive from Chartio, as companies are handling continuously growing amounts of data and need to get to insights faster than ever.

The Data Advisor charter

Our new Data Advisor role has a specific charter and mission. They are always aligned with the objectives of our customers, resourceful in finding ways to add value, straightforward in how they work with our customers, and empowered to make things happen.


The relationships we build with our customers are incredibly important and require building a lot of trust.  To achieve that, we are totally aligned with the specific goals of our customers. Our plans, processes and incentives support this alignment.


We have contacts, advice, articles, resources, plans, scripts, solutions to almost all data challenges out there.  We bring a lot of analytics experience and expertise to our customers in a way that is impactful and tailored to each one’s specific needs.  


We’re not pushovers, but we keep things simple and above board with our customers.  We don’t complicate things or try to pad them. We get to know our customers and their business better and better. We’re never selling, just helping.


We’re not sales or simple relationship managers.  We’re educated, empowered, connected people who can pull some strings.  We can at any point get the attention of the VP of Product, CEO, etc. to get problems solved.

What comes next

We hope these advisors create a more useful and productive relationship between Chartio and our customers.  It should help us better share best practices and learnings from across our customer base, and catch potential pitfalls early.  Our advisors may not know the answer to every data question, but they’ll know most, and be well equipped to find the answer for the rest.  

In the next few weeks all of our Premium customers will be introduced to their Data Advisor. We hope you take full advantage of this new resource and are looking forward to growing our relationship with each of you.  In the meantime, if you have any questions, please reach out to us at

Also, we are actively expanding our Data Advisors team. Check the current openings for this role or check out our careers page.

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