Major Chartio Updates!

Posted: March 12, 2012 by Dave Fowler


Chartio chart creator

Last week we rolled out a major new version of Chartio! We’ll be writing more soon about the details of each of these features on our blog but for now here’s a list of a few new things to notice:

  • New charts built with our new charting library
  • 3 new chart types (Area, Percent Area, Stacked Bar)
  • Improved tables
  • Improved drag & drop interface
    • Moved from xy & split data structure to columns and grouped columns
    • Date filters
    • Multidimensional query possibilities
  • Automatic foreign key schema detection for database engines that support them
  • Automatic joins in the drag & drop query builder
  • Dashboards auto refresh with adjustable intervals
  • Completely new design
  • Overhauled and extended documentation
  • Schema Editor
  • Payment Invoicing
  • New blog and documentation CR’S and design

As mentioned in our previous note, there were quite a few significant migrations in this release. The deploy went smoothly however and all outstanding issues are currently resolved! Please be sure to send us a note to if you run into anything we’ve missed.

We hope you like the changes!