New Table Functionality

Posted by on October 8, 2013 -- Features, Chartio

Last night we rolled out a new version of our table charts. This update brings significant performance improvements and a bunch of new features.


Performance Improvements

When table charts are displayed on your dashboard we previously included all the rows and columns no matter the size. For small datasets this was fine, but for larger datasets this often resulted in slow chart load times and significant browser utilization.

In this new version, table charts only display the rows and columns that fit within the bounds of the chart. The rest of the rows and columns are still there, and can be accessed by clicking the ‘more results’ link. This will pop up a modal table view that contains the complete dataset returned by your query.

New Features

The modal table is capable of displaying all your data without any of the slowdown that the old table charts had.


A search box lets you filter out rows that match a given phrase.


Column sorting lets you sort the table by any column either ascending or descending.

table sort column

Export to CSV will let you download the table to your computer as a CSV file.

We hope you enjoy the new functionality.