Chartio Helps Remind Analyze Data

Posted by natasha on July 29, 2014 Customers,


A few weeks ago we talked to David Kopf, Co-Founder of Remind to learn more about how they use Chartio. Remind is a free, safe, and easy way for teachers to connect instantly with students and parents. Remind uses Chartio to track their most important metrics and events by platform. They use Chartio to combine data from many different places, and to allow everyone to run their own analyses.

Why did you start using Chartio?

We decided to get serious about data analysis. We needed a cross-platform solution, wanted to avoid an ETL layer and any coding. Chartio offered everything we knew we wanted (and didn’t know we needed). It was by far and away the best solution.

What were you using before Chartio?

We tried Mixpanel, Google Analytics, KISSmetrics, Geckoboard and trialed RJMetrics.

What data sources do you have connected in Chartio?

Postgres, Redshift, Google Analytics, CSV files.

How does Chartio help you?

Chartio allows everyone on the team to track the companies most important metrics and empowers them to do their own analysis. For a data analyst, seeing a visual representation of your query results is the best way to get a quick sanity check.

What are your favorite Chartio features?

What I consider the core of Chartio: transforming query results into a graph or chart. It’s also really fast and the responsive design is beautiful. Beyond that, it’s really easy to download results to a CSV, the number of connections (SQL, Google Analytics, CSV, etc.), emailing PDF reports, combining query results from different layers, transforming data from different databases and I think the query builder is the best way to teach someone SQL.

Can you talk through an example where Chartio helped you solve a specific business problem?

It has been a great catch-all to our error reporting system. We have all sorts of charts that track events by platform. For example, a specific conversion or the percent of signups that come from a particular platform (iOS, Android, Web) over time. There have been a few instances where our mobile apps were sending the wrong values for a platform or there is a spike in one of the conversions. The charts make these changes really obvious and bring them to our attention much sooner than we’d otherwise notice.

How much impact does Chartio have on your business, your work, etc?

Without Chartio we’d need more engineers or do far less data analysis.

How often do you check Chartio?

Many times/day.