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Chartio has power but is also executive-ready. To have a flexible tool is really cool. Relative to what I have worked with in the past, it is just so refreshing.
Gordon Downes, CEO of NYSHEX
Gordon Downes and Arjun Anand

Improving Customer Experience and Saving Time Across the Board

We talk with users at New York Shipping Exchange to see how our Visual SQL interface lets their whole team explore data.

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Andrea Sipos

Gaining Valuable Time for Product Management

With Prezi having the company mindset where data is required, they're able to rely on Chartio for daily data discovery, product metrics and actionable insights. Learn how Product Managers at Prezi leverage data and Chartio.

It’s not just about using data, it’s about self-service. From a product manager’s perspective, the fact that it’s easy to use is a really big treasure.
Andrea Sipos, Product Manager at Prezi
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With Chartio, you only need to define field tables and how everything connects together once...This has cut down our dashboard creation time from a few hours to twenty minutes.
Riaan Ahmed, Growth and Analytics at Reuters TV
Riaan Ahmed

Building a Schema for Data Democratization

Reuters TV is the revolutionary video news app from Thomson Reuters. Reuters TV relies on Chartio to democratize data. With an easy to build data schema, analysts and business users are able to quickly create reports. Learn more.

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