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412 Food Rescue Manages Its Operations with Ease Using Chartio’s Innovative and Powerful Cloud-based Tools

David Primm, Ryan Geraghty — David Primm, Chief Operating Officer, and Ryan Geraghty, Associate Product Manager at 412 Food Rescue.

412 Food Rescue was launched in 2015 as a non-profit organization with a goal to end food waste and hunger. Their mission—”Feed people, not landfills”—was met with enthusiasm by local non-profits and distributor partners in their home city of Pittsburgh, PA, rescuing 100,000 pounds of food in their first year with the help of their innovative Food Rescue Hero app. As their operations steadily grew to include cities like Cleveland, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, so too did their capacity to help those communities capture and redistribute over 3 million pounds of food this past year that otherwise would have gone to waste.

The logistical challenges of managing their volunteer base and coordinating the delivery of perishable stock among the communities within their network were significant, but building a people-centered technological solution has allowed them to better meet their goal of scaling to meet the increasing demand. If 412 Food Rescue was going to scale successfully, they knew their whole team would need to be able to access and explore data about their community partners—and Chartio has let them do just that.

Why Chartio?

Using Chartio’s intuitive and powerful Visual SQL interface, 412 Food Rescue’s staff can easily and efficiently see a customizable array of KPIs and internal metrics, allowing their team members to access and manage only the data pertaining to their specific needs. With Chartio, they’ve been able to save valuable time and respond to any challenges they might encounter more quickly and effectively.

With Chartio, we’re no longer digging through spreadsheets to find how many missed rescues we had in a given day, we’re no longer wondering how many phone calls were completed by looking through phone records. Everything is captured in Chartio’s dashboards.

— David Primm, Chief Operating Officer at 412 Food Rescue

Providing powerful and effective tools for communication within organizations

Food recovery operations are complex and time-sensitive, and fostering their optimum success is only possible with good performance data. As a direct result of being able to visualize the roadblocks and potential issues they might face, David and his colleagues can quickly relay the best possible information to their executive team and consult with their partner organizations about issues they may have within minutes, rather than weeks. Using Chartio, 412 Food Rescue can now help the non-profit staff they work with in each of the cities they serve to understand what data is available, as well as how to ensure its accuracy.

“In Pittsburgh, they’re getting a daily report every day at 6:00. Some people might access Chartio directly, but its ability to tailor reports to what individual teams are most concerned with is incredibly powerful and efficient,” says Associate Product Manager Ryan Geraghty. “Each store location is able to be represented along with cross metrics like weight and donation success rate, while also being able to manage variances with comparative models. You can really quickly see where issues are and how to address it.”

Easy, cloud-based data visualization

Chartio’s cloud-based dashboards allow team members such as Ryan to share information with their team and easily transition between interactive and SQL views to create customizable reports and curate them to address 412 Food Rescue’s goals. By setting up a daily rating report and allowing community organizations access to it, Ryan was able to provide a streamlined way for Engagement Managers to address any concerns or issues as soon as possible, drastically improving their overall customer service performance.

For their organization to be able to maintain oversight of their 60 partner stores and nearly 300 rescues every week, prompt reporting is a must. With so much information coming in, it can often take a long time for staff to become aware of a problem with a route or given location. With Ryan’s ability to manage and curate that information, he can create tools like “donation success rate” reporting built right in the Chartio dashboard, and his team can respond more effectively.

Using better data to tell better stories

For 412 Food Rescue, being able to easily visualize data and create customizable dashboards is incredibly important because it helps them to tell a better story about their challenges and their rates of success. “That’s how we get funded,” says Ryan.

With Chartio we’re able to tell better stories about our impact and we share them in a responsible way in order to show what we’re doing and why it matters, and be able to prove it with numbers every day.

— Ryan Geraghty, Associate Product Manager at 412 Food Rescue

“We’ve made a great choice with Chartio,” says David. “We look forward to continuing the relationship and exploring ways to make the partnership even greater as we continue to grow into other cities.”

412 Food Rescue prevents perfectly good food from entering the waste stream by mobilizing a network of volunteer Food Rescue Heroes who transport this surplus food, via the Food Rescue Hero app, directly to nonprofits that serve individuals and families who are experiencing food insecurity.


David Primm, Ryan Geraghty


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