Building a Nuanced View of Data at Scale

Why did you start using Chartio?

As we grew past 20 people, the occasional request for a dashboard or report turned into a near-daily request for some new nuanced view of our data. We were moving so fast building new features that reporting could never be the top priority except for a handful of reports like our 100 day dashboards. Even that was too time consuming to tweak and keep up to date with our changing data models.

What were you using before Chartio?

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that for reports that I needed periodically, I just saved SQL queries to Gists and would run them from the console. That didn’t scale very well.

How does Chartio help you?

I started looking around for reporting solutions three months ago but a lot of them required us to run a server; I wanted something totally cloud based—that’s when I found Chartio.

What are your favorite Chartio features?

We’ve been using Chartio for about two months now and it’s amazing, plain and simple. I knew we had a hit when I logged in a week after setting it up and saw that people I hadn’t trained had set up their own dashboards.

Can you talk through an example where Chartio helped you solve a specific business problem?

We use Chartio primarily to power the two dashboards that are up on big monitors in the middle of our office for everybody to see—our 100-day goals. We also use it to answer ad-hoc questions like, “How much has volume in New York grown versus San Francisco over the last three months.”

How often do you check Chartio?

Chartio’s become a core part of the way we look at our data; we check the dashboards every day, several times a day. We use weekly and monthly rollups for most of the reporting but we also have some “today” stats so that we can see if something is breaking but not showing up as a server error.

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