Enabling Self-Service and Liberating Engineers

Salina Cheung

Gyft is a digital gift card platform that enables users to manage and buy gift cards, and enables business to offer reward and loyalty programs. Gyft began as an app for managing physical gift cards on the phone, but its primary revenue source is now selling cards.

Because Gyft deals in cash equivalents, it’s critical that their data be correct and up to date.

Gyft was looking for a more agile business intelligence solution that reduced demands on their technical resources, while improving business users’ access to data.

“Our previous business intelligence tool required a lot of analyst and engineering time. Chartio is much simpler to set up and manage,” said Salina Cheung, Gyft’s head of analytics. “Our business users like Chartio because they don’t need to use SQL and can be self-sufficient.”

Chartio’s flexible data warehousing reduces complexity

Gyft stores its operational data in a MySQL database on Amazon Web Services. Gyft then extracts the most important data to summary tables stored on Amazon Redshift, where they can be analyzed with Chartio.

Working from summary tables on Amazon Redshift simplifies queries, making it easier for Gyft’s business users to answer their own questions. Instead of having to find the right data in more than 60 tables in the company’s schema, they can focus on just the information they need. Self-service business intelligence helps Gyft’s business users get their questions answered and make decisions quickly.

Other users at Gyft import ad hoc data from Excel into Chartio for linking and analysis.

Gyft enables business intelligence self-service

Chartio is the only visualization tool that Gyft uses.

“We like the way that every chart and dashboard has its own link, which makes it easy to share charts with other users,” said Cheung. Gyft’s managers also take advantage of the ability to schedule the delivery of dashboards at specified intervals. Business users appreciate the ability to clone charts and dashboards for their own use, which makes it easy to share best practices.

Gyft also uses Chartio for data exploration and ad hoc analysis, making it possible to:

  • Encourage their users to purchase more gift cards for friends and family.
  • Increase app adoption by targeted demographic groups, such as baby boomers
  • Choose how to market particular gift card options
  • Plan and execute seasonal promotions
  • Assess the performance of promotions

Gyft is looking to standardize their web tracking and have recently adopted Segment. For more information on how Chartio works with Segment data, see Chartio documentation on Direct Connection and SaaS Economics are the Future of Charity.

Gyft is the best way to buy and send gift cards online.


Salina Cheung



Company size

51-200 employees


Mountain View, CA



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