Providing Insights to Customers with Embedded BI

Harald Prokop

LevelUp needed a pre-built embedding solution

With over 14,000 companies relying on LevelUp to help power their business, LevelUp realized the need to have real-time data analytics available within their platform for all of their customers. “Our initial dashboard implementation was basic and straightforward, but not easily expandable and did not scale with the increasing use of the platform. As we decided to update our dashboard system, we knew we didn’t want to do that in-house and started exploring business intelligence partnerships,” explained Harald Prokop, CTO of LevelUp. With a shift in focus towards developing their own product, LevelUp was faced with a problem of trying to find a business intelligence partner that would allow them to make this shift with minimal disruption to their customers. “We were looking for something that had a fast time to market, minimal internal resources, and maximum flexibility,” said Harald.

LevelUp ultimately chose Chartio as their embedded business intelligence partner due to Chartio’s fast and easy implementation process. It also became obvious that utilizing the power of an industry-leading business intelligence solution had other benefits for LevelUp.

Removing the burden from engineering to help provide actionable insights

Chartio quickly delivered on its promise of a fast and easy setup with minimal engineering resources. As Harald explains, “We were able to implement Chartio with the work of one developer, and within a couple weeks make it available to customers.” Much to LevelUp’s delight, even creating custom reports and analysis for their customers is a quick and easy process.

LevelUp Loyalty Dashboard

“Now an account manager can create a new graph for a merchant, without any help from development,” says Harald. Using Chartio’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface, account managers can immediately create a graph or report with a few clicks whenever a business requests information from LevelUp’s application.

With Chartio, LevelUp’s in-app analytics are always up-to-date and easy to modify - without needing to siphon engineering resources away from other projects. This flexibility saves Harald’s team valuable time, and allows them to grow the product while Chartio provides the insights.

LevelUp helps merchants own the shift to mobile by powering mobile-payment optimized loyalty programs that enable customers to pay and accrue/redeem rewards with a single scan or tap. LevelUp's real-time analytics platform gives merchants meaningful insight about their customers and access to a wide range of campaigns that are proven to drive revenue and increase customer happiness.


Harald Prokop


Food & Beverages

Company size

201-500 employees


Boston, Massachusetts



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