Gaining Insights on User Engagement

Byron Jones

No single source of truth

Before building a data warehouse and using Chartio, Optimizely tried using Excel, Salesforce Reports, and Zendesk reporting to track how their business was doing. However, it was difficult for them to tell exactly how their key metrics were trending. For example, they didn’t have a great way to track adoption of their new products and features.

Gaining a complete view of the product

To combat this, they chose Chartio as the interface for their newly built data warehouse. Chartio gave them a valuable visualization layer for their centralized data and helped them answer their key questions. They are now able to see exactly how users are engaging and adopting the product.

For example, Optimizely recently released a REST API where any customer can programmatically create experiments and fetch results without even going to Optimizely.com. Using Chartio, they are able to immediately measure adoption of the API and breakdown its usage by method.

Optimizely Method usage dashboard

Optimizely Read Method Usage dashboard

Optimizely is in the process of building a Platinum client dashboard for their account and internal support team where they will be able to use a global filter to view important information about a particular customer, enabling them to provide great services and support. The Success team will also be able to track product usage and engagement of each Platinum customer.

Optimizely Platinum client dashboard

Company-wide business intelligence

Once Optimizely’s data warehouse reached critical mass, they decided to do company-wide training and roll out Chartio to their internal teams. Optimizely went from not using Chartio at all, to having 50% of employees using Chartio in their San Francisco and Amsterdam offices in the last seven months. New users were easily added, everyone started creating dashboards, and the company quickly became more data-focused. Optimizely is still building out Chartio dashboards each week, and are continually finding new ways to use Chartio, and enable their organization to become more data-driven.

Optimizely is a world-class experience optimization platform, providing A/B and multivariate testing that is incredibly powerful and easy-to-use. Optimizely has more than 9,000 customers who have created more than half a million experiments, making it the most widely used testing platform globally.


Byron Jones



Company size

201-500 employees


San Francisco, CA



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