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Chartio Certificate
Lilian Rafason of Pack up + Go
The certification process is great because it encourages people to dive in and build basic reports. Having this as a learning opportunity and skill is super valuable.
Lilian Rafason, Founder/CEO of Pack Up + Go

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible to take the certification?

All Chartio customers may take the certification. All you need is a Chartio login with a registered Chartio organization.

Does it cost money to take the certification?

No. The Level 1 certification is free for all Chartio customers!

How do I take the certification?

Fill in the form above to sign up for the certification. From there we’ll send you the link to the exam. You will be querying data from the “Chartio Certification” data source to answer each question. It will ask you to create a new dashboard and build charts to find the answer to each question.

To get access to the Chartio Certification data source, simply go to Add a New Data Source and click on “Chartio Certification” under Chartio Data Sources.

Are there different levels of the certification?

Right now we are only offering the Level 1 certification, but we hope to offer more advanced certifications in the future so you can showcase your deeper expert knowledge of Chartio.

What do I need to know in order to pass this certification?

The Level 1 certification expects you to have a basic knowledge and understanding of building charts, controls, and dashboards in Chartio using Visual SQL and the data pipeline. If you have taken or have attended the Chartio introductory training webinar, you should be able to answer the questions sufficiently.

For recordings of the Chartio introductory training, you can find the video here for the Data Explorer version and here for the Visual SQL version.

Do you have any practice questions I can go through to prepare?

We don’t have a practice exam, but if you recreate the charts from the introductory webinar on your own that will be good practice for the exam.

Does the certification require knowledge of SQL?

The certification was designed so you can answer the questions using Interactive/Visual mode in either Data Explorer or Visual SQL, no SQL knowledge required.

Can I look through the Chartio documentation for help?

Yes! This is encouraged. Please use our documentation and tutorial videos as a resource for you as you go through the certification.

How much time do I have to take the certification?

There is no time limit on the certification. We estimate it will take most users on average 1-2 hours to complete.

How many answers do I need to get right to pass?

Users will need to get 14 out of 18 questions correct in order to pass.

How do I know if I passed?

We will release your score soon after you finish so you will know how many questions you got correct and can see what you got wrong.

Do you allow retakes?

Yes, you are allowed to retake the certification up to 3 times if you do not pass.

What do I get for passing the certification?

Once you pass the certification, you will be emailed a unique Chartio certificate you can put on your LinkedIn and proudly share with your professional network!


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