Lessons From Setting up 1,000 Data Projects:
5 Must Do's to Get Yours off the Ground and Keep It on Track

Increasing profits, decreasing organizational costs and creating competitive edge are the three core drivers small and mid-size businesses need to accelerate growth. What drives all three of these? Data. Entrepreneur reports that businesses who invest in data programs increase profits by 10% and decrease operational costs by at least 10%. But a data project is not your typical business project. It requires a unique plan with alignment at every stage.

Hosted by

  • Andrew Madonna

    Andrew Madonna

    Founder at Data Mill

  • Jaron Farnham

    Jaron Farnham

    Head of Partnerships & Business Development at Chartio

On September 24th, Chartio and Data Mill are hosting a discussion to share strategies to get your data project off the ground and keep it on track. Whether you’re just getting started or rethinking a previous approach, we have you covered.

Join us to learn:

  • The importance of executive buy in and how to get it
  • The first five steps to launching a data program
  • Hiring strategies: who do you need to hire when