Show Your Value with Embedded Analytics:
How to Drive Sales Up and Customer Churn Down by Bringing Embedded Analytics into Your Product

In order for companies to get on the high-growth train, they must give customers visibility into their company’s health and performance. By surfacing this data, not only will you gain trust with your customer community, but also a competitive edge. For SaaS companies, it’s easier than ever to accomplish this with embedded analytics.

Hosted by

  • Eleanor Preston

    Eleanor Preston

    Head of Sales at Chartio

  • Emilie Crangle

    Emilie Crangle

    Data Advisor at Chartio

Embedded analytics offers organizations the ability to integrate any dashboard into external sites – delivering insights fast with minimal support from internal resources, with maximum flexibility.

So how does it work? What are some of the key business use cases? Do I need both a BI tool and an embedded analytics tool?

On October 15th, Emilie Crangle, Data Advisor at Chartio, joins Eleanor Preston, Chartio’s Head of Sales, to answer these questions and more.

Eleanor and Emilie will cover:

  • The advantages of leveraging BI for embedded analytics (don’t pay for your data twice!)
  • Top use cases for embedded analytics
  • How to embed analytics into your products using Chartio's embedding feature