More Clear, Extensive, and Beautiful Charts:
A New Charting Library from Chartio

Having the correct chart types and knowing the best visualization methods are key components in communicating effectively with your data. With the right visualizations, you not only present your data well, you tell convincing and inspiring stories

Hosted by

  • Dave Fowler

    Dave Fowler

    CEO & Founder at Chartio

  • Casey Haber

    Casey Haber

    Visualization Engineer at Chartio

Chartio is about to release our new charting library allowing for an improved look and feel, better performance, and greater customization. Chartio customers will now have more power than ever to display their data beautifully and effectively.

Join Chartio’s Dave Fowler, CEO & Founder, and Casey Haber, Visualization Engineer, to learn how you can create the best possible visualizations with your data.

Grab a seat and learn:

  • Why Chartio chose to move to Vega, an open-sourced library and what it means to your overall product experience
  • How you can become a master storyteller with data leveraging our suggested best practices
  • What comes next. Dave and Casey will provide an exclusive sneak peek into the next evolution in Chartio's visualizations - extensible charts. Coming in 2021, there's so much to get excited about. Be the first to see it.