No SQL Expertise? No Problem.
How ButterflyMX Leveraged Chartio and Talend to Get Powerful Analytics in One Day

We know the data dance all too well. With every great insight you gather, 100 additional follow-up questions arise. Employees need answers to these questions, fast, without getting blocked by month-long deployments or engineering bottlenecks. Smart intercom innovator, ButterflyMX, found a winning solution by leveraging Talend and Chartio.

Hosted by

  • Jack Lewis

    Jack Lewis

    Senior Product Manger at ButterflyMX

  • Ken MacMann

    Ken MacMann

    Analytics Manager at ButterflyMX

  • Amy Collins

    Amy Collins

    Customer Success Manager at Chartio

  • Garrett O'Brien

    Garrett O'Brien

    Senior Product Marketing Manager at Talend

On November 10th, ButterflyMX’s Senior Product Manager Jack Lewis and Analytics Manager, Ken MacMann, will take the stage to share how they successfully completed the first step at becoming an informed company in a day. Jack and Ken will be joined by Amy Collins, Customer Success Manager at Chartio and Garrett O’Brien, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Talend who will replicate the process ButterflyMX took to get their data connected.

If you are interested in understanding how this process works and what an ideal outcome looks like, this webinar is for you. Join us to learn:

  • The benefits of becoming an informed company with the modern data stack
  • The advantages of using an ETL versus APIs to connect to your top cloud-based applications
  • How to avoid the most common challenges companies face when getting started