Stop Spending Millions and Months Setting Up BI

50% of organizations who invest in BI fail because they can’t connect the dots between what they need and how to spin it up. Too often we hear, “I’ve done this three times and it hasn’t worked.” Getting really clear about what questions you’re trying to answer is the first step. The next step is following the right model.

Hosted by

  • Jaron Farnham

    Jaron Farnham

    Head of Partnerships & Business Development at Chartio

  • Adam Roderick

    Adam Roderick

    CEO/Founder at Datateer

Join Jaron Farnham, Head of Partnerships & Business Development at Chartio and Adam Roderick, CEO and Founder of Datateer as they unpack the complexities of data management. Organizations do not need to spend millions of dollars or put 18 months into a BI program, they just need the right components outlined together to see the end-to-end vision.

If you are trying to uplevel your data game or get a grasp on what your company’s data needs are, this is the webinar for you.

Jaron and Adam will cover:

  • The four stages of data management
  • Common pitfalls and how you can avoid them
  • Success stories from fast-growing companies