Using the Data Pipeline to Pivot Data


Often, companies want to be able to track a category of metrics over time, such as how much revenue their different subscription plans are bringing in each month.

This can be done easily in Chartio.

  1. Drag Cost into the Measures field, and Created Date and Title into the Dimensions field. Total sum of Cost can be renamed Revenue, and Title can be renamed Plan.

    Create a chart in Interactive Mode

  2. Add a Pivot Data step in the Pipeline. This allows the plans and the respective revenues to be summarized along the x-axis.

    Add a Pivot Data step in the Pipeline

    Visualize results as Bar chart

    Visualizing the data as a Bar chart, you can see month-by-month show the different subscription plans are doing. In Chart Settings, you can toggle Stacked on and off depending on whether you want the subscription plans stacked on top of each or side by side.

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