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Powerful Analytics Made Simple with Visual SQL

  • Chartio has built a visual version of SQL, which enables anyone to explore, transform and visualize data on the fly through a single, intuitive, flexible, drag-and-drop interface.

  • No need to build a data model in advance, allowing for more agility and ease of manipulation.

  • We speak your language. Because we're built on SQL there’s no need to learn a proprietary language.

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I no longer have to bug my engineering team for help. I can create custom individual reports for my partners in a matter of minutes, saving our engineers hours every month.
—Andrew Levy, Co-Founder, Apteligent

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Data to the People

  • Easily share dashboards via scheduled emails or reports without having to install software.

  • Schedule alerts to track important metrics and get notified to take action immediately as things change.

  • Quickly view historical data and track corporate metrics with our Snapshots feature.

  • Customize and brand your dashboard for improved and consistent visualizations.

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Keep Your Data Ultra-Secure

  • Our database connections use a reverse SSH tunnel, giving you full control over the connection.

  • You can easily manage your team’s permissions and access to data sources and dashboards.

  • All transferred data is SSL-encrypted and never exposed.

A Modern Business Intelligence Platform

Chartio Features
Feature Description
Data Blending Power Multiplied. Combine your disparate data sources for robust insights. Once combined, there's no limit to the type of analyses you can perform.
Data Stores Transform Data Storage. Store segments of your data in Chartio without changing your operational database, so you can analyze exactly what you want.
Drill Downs Deeper Data Exploration. Get actionable insights without exploring raw data or leaving our intuitive interface.
Table Joins Automatically Combine Information. Joins are automatically built into your queries when dragging columns from related tables in the Data Explorer.
Custom Schema Personalized Structure to Your Data. Write SQL that generates custom columns or tables in your database, giving you the ability better define your schema.
Extrapolation Predict the Future. In layering your data in the Data Pipeline, you'll be able to predict future trends and forecast growth with a click of a button.
Snapshots Your Data Time Machine. Continuously capture your data at specific moments in time to get an unaltered look into the past for better future decision-making.
Admin Management Made Easy. No more wasting time with configurations and tedious maintenance. With Chartio, administration is simple.
Data Sharing Access to Insights. Easily share charts and dashboards with your team via email, PDF, scheduled reports and shareable links.

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