Simple and Powerful Data Exploration

blend all your data

Get Up and Running Fast

  • Out-of-the-box connections to your data sources from Amazon Redshift to CSV files, so you can start exploring data immediately.

  • We speak your language. Because we're built on SQL there’s no need to learn a proprietary language.

  • Deploy our cloud-based application with a few clicks; no hardware required.

Power to Explore

  • Our Interactive Mode is the most intuitive interface to explore and analyze your data.

  • Our powerful Data Pipeline tool lets you quickly blend, transform and layer multiple datasets in a series of intuitive and agile steps.

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Chartio saves our team over 30 hours each week, helping to automate routine analyses and enabling us to spend time gathering deeper insights.

—Kara Robinson, Senior Analyst, VaynerMedia

Data to the People

  • Easily share dashboards via scheduled emails or reports without having to install software.

  • Quickly view historical data and track corporate metrics with our Snapshots feature.

  • Customize and brand your dashboard for improved and consistent visualizations.

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combine data sources and transform layers

Flexible, Ad-hoc Exploration

  • No need for a data warehouse; pull data from anywhere within minutes.

  • No need to build a data model in advance, allowing for more flexibility and ease of manipulation.

  • Post-processing capabilities to get your data exactly how you want it—on the fly.

Data is Ultra-Secure

  • Our database connections use a reverse SSH tunnel, giving you full control over the connection.

  • You can easily manage your team’s permissions and access to data sources and dashboards.

  • All transferred data is SSL-encrypted and never exposed.

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