Our mission: make data accessible to anyone

That means empowering anyone—not just data teams—to easily understand the data they need to succeed at their jobs. Because people can’t work effectively if they’re blocked from the information they rely on the most.

That’s why we built Chartio.

Any fool can know.
The point is to understand.
Albert Einstein
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Data shouldn’t just be for data teams

Imagine trying to do your job if only 5% of the people at your company could access Google, and you weren’t one of them. You’d be so blocked in getting answers that you’d stop asking questions, and the internet would be largely useless to you.

Unfortunately, that’s the reality today when it comes to data-related questions. Because writing SQL is much harder than searching Google.

So we built a revolutionary, intuitive, visual version of SQL. We call it... Visual SQL. Now anyone can explore metrics, build queries, and get answers themselves—no assistance needed.

Data needs agility

Your company probably has data in a lot of different places—multiple CRMs, application databases, event stores, surveys, local spreadsheets, etc. And you’ll only add more sources as your company grows.

To work with all of that complexity, you need a solution that’s flexible enough to query, blend, and process data from multiple sources, no matter where they live.

Charts improve collaboration

Visualizations are an important way to discover and convey information. Great charts and dashboards can align teams, clarify goals, and not only inform but communicate decisions.

Chartio fosters teamwork around data by letting users chat on dashboards, download charts as shareable PDFs, export visualizations to Slack channels, and even time machine back to earlier records of dashboards with just a click.

Data teams should be empowering

Companies today are really underutilizing their data teams. People who are qualified to create complex models and write scripts are instead being tasked with manually pulling basic reports for their managers.

We believe data teams should be small groups focused on creating clean, well-named, operational models of data, and on empowering others to self-serve. It’s the only way for a company to truly get informed.

We love advising these teams as they grow, supporting their companies with our Data Advisors program and through our Data School community.

Speed is knowledge

Writing and editing SQL is slow—too slow for effective data exploration. Remembering functions and date formatting strings, specifying lengthy join paths, repeating groups and order bys, and writing scripts to combine datasets can slow you down dramatically.

These tasks are handled for you with our visual version of SQL, so you can answer questions more quickly than ever before.

Dan Donovan
We are using Chartio every day. What I like is that it is technical enough for power users but not too technical for business users.
Dan Donovan, VP of Operations & Finance at Redox

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