You own the data, we add the magic

Our agile architecture allows you to keep your data and gives you live, direct data connections.

chartio architecture

With Chartio’s proprietary architecture, you own your data - always. Our out-of-the-box, direct connections ensure that your data is always live and up-to-date. And of course, there is no proprietary language to learn so you can get up and running quickly.

Data Sources

Integrate data from all your data sources with our direct connections, ensuring that your data is always live and up-to-date. A data source is where data is collected in either an operational database (MySQL, PostgreSQL), a transactional database (Salesforce, Google Analytics), a data warehouse (Amazon Redshift or Google BigQuery) or a CSV file.

Data Stores

Data Stores are aggregations of your data from one or more data sources. These are stored in the Chartio cloud, which allows for faster interactive dashboards and data exploration.

Data Modeling

Chartio automatically creates metadata models as you connect your data sources. Your data is not limited to a specific model. Once you connect your data sources with Chartio, we automatically create metadata models, allowing for easy manipulation.

Data Caching

For optimal performance, Chartio only caches your aggregated query results and allows you to set the cache duration for your data sources. This, along with your dashboard refresh rate, determines how often your charts are refreshed with new data.


Our database connections use a reverse SSH tunnel, so you never have to open a port and can keep your data protected behind a firewall. As a Chartio Admin, you can granularly control your team's permissions and access to data.