Build interactive dashboards from your company’s data with Chartio

With Chartio, create the perfect portal for all your crucial metrics.

Everything you need to make your dream dashboard

  • Rearrange and resize your charts to get your favorite layout, and add or delete charts at any time
  • Choose from dozens of chart types to create the best possible visualization of your data
  • Customize details like your charts’ titles, colors, and refresh intervals to meet your needs

Filter and refine

Easily adjust settings like your dashboard’s date range and watch all of your charts update instantly. Learn more

Give it some style

Create and save custom themes for your teammates to use, or select from a variety of pre-set options.

Select a theme:

Chartio theme 1
Chartio theme 2
Chartio theme 3
Chartio theme 4
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Chartio theme 7
Chartio theme 8
Chartio theme 9
Chartio active theme 1 Chartio active theme 2 Chartio active theme 3 Chartio active theme 4 Chartio active theme 5 Chartio active theme 6 Chartio active theme 7 Chartio active theme 8 Chartio active theme 9
Zach Corenblum of Vettery
Chartio's a great internal and external tool. It's really easy to use various dashboards as selling points to clients because the data is pure and the proper numbers are enlarged to show importance.
Zach Corenblum, Account Executive at Vettery

Embed anywhere

Copy a customizable code snippet to embed a real-time, interactive version of your dashboard on your own site. Learn more
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Dashboard snapshot

Travel through time

With Chartio’s Snapshots feature, review earlier versions of your dashboard to track how your metrics have changed. Learn more

Collaborate and chat

Access Control Invite teammates to join your dashboards, and control their level of editing access.
Dashboard comments Discuss insights without leaving your dashboard thanks to inline commenting.

Download and share

Export dashboard

Export your charts and dashboards in popular formats like PDF, PNG or SVG with just a click.

Slack share

Connect your account to Slack to share your charts directly to specific team channels.

Email alert

Schedule email alerts to have your dashboard updates sent directly to your inbox.

Niklas Stephenson of Trustpilot
We have increased sales since using our dashboards. Our Sales Representatives who use Chartio consistently outperformed the ones who didn’t. So we rolled it quickly out to everyone in sales.
Niklas Stephenson, Product Manager at Trustpilot
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We wrote the book on dashboard design

For a deep dive into dashboard tips and tricks, download our free e-book on Data School. We also offer tutorials on creating dashboards for social media metrics, customer success teams, CEOs and more. And if you’re not a fan of reading, don’t worry—best practices are built into Chartio by default. Optimal colors and chart types are selected for you automatically, so you can be confident you’re creating effective visualizations.